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CPS is active with franchised and non-franchised dealers. The CPS non-franchised dealer program has eight program offerings, from our nonprime “Preferred” and “First-Time Buyer” programs and everything in between, including a new deeper subprime program called "Bravo".
To qualify as a non-franchised dealer, you need to be in business for at least two years and possess a facility and inventory that meets CPS requirements. Additionally, non-franchised dealers need to provide:
  • Three months current bank statements
  • Current financial statement
  • Copy of current DMV license
  • Current dealership photos
  • Majority owner personal guarantee of titles
  • Satisfactory credit history on each owner
Highlights of the non-franchised dealer program include:
  • Advance of 115%+++ to a maximum of 130%
  • Up to 150,000 miles
  • Reserve on our upper tier programs and flats on our lower tier programs
  • Low $1,400 minimum income
  • Terms to 72 months
  • Low fees and APR

To get started, contact your CPS marketing representative or the CPS Marketing Department at 1-800-304-6812.

CPS Announces Launch of Deeper Subprime Program

The Bravo program is a perfect complement to our 7 Proven Programs because it applies 100% to applications we are currently declining and provides a solid “way to go” with a chance for the dealer to earn additional profit from the cash flow stream as payments are made.

Bravo has the following features:

  • Non Fico Based with easy access through Dealer Track, Route One or CPS Website
  • Hot Car program adds 5% to your advance
  • No Pool Cap – no cross collateralization
  • Tap into the income stream after the 6th payment on the loan
  • No sign up fees and no software to buy
  • More approvals provide more opportunities to sell cars!

For more information on how CPS can help you sell more cars and make more money, contact the CPS Marketing Department at 1-800-304-6812 or click here for more details.