Dealer Programs - Training/Support

CPS prides itself on having the best dealer support in the industry. Our marketing representatives are not only trained in how to use the CPS programs, but they know how to help you build a successful subprime operation.

Our marketing representatives know the market and they know how to bring you qualified leads. They know what inventory works best for subprime deals and they know how to ask your customers the right questions to help you maximize approvals and profits, and most importantly, get paid on your deals.

CPS marketing representatives will help you "rehash" deals if needed, keep an eye on your contracts and even help collect "stips" if needed - our marketing experts are there to make sure you have a profitable and hassle-free subprime experience.

Want to see what you've been missing? Contact CPS and we'll not only show you our finance program, but we'll show you how to make it work in your store with your people.